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Q.)  What do you charge for your services?

A.)  We would like to meet with you and discuss our services, and rates. Due to our competitors we don’t disclose our rates online, but we can meet or beat most vacation rental managers rates.

Q.) Do you have a start-up fee? 

A.) As with most companies in our industry, we have a opening or start up fee, but have a couple of different options we can discuss during our meeting

Q.)  What’s included with your price?

A.)  With options, your vacation rental home will be added to our on-line portfolio of homes allowing both guest and reservation agent to see it and reserve it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Your home will be equally marketed with our other homes. We believe one of the most important pieces is the extensive marketing that we engage in on your behalf.

Q.) How and where do you market?

A.)  AmZ Getaways is owned and operated by Amz Getaways, Inc., one of the areas largest Travel Agency.  With this corporate structure, we are able to engage in and provide a vast marketing program unmatched by any other Texas Hill Country property management company. Some of this marketing includes extensive print advertising in various periodicals and industry magazines, Billboards, extensive email marketing, group coupons, customer followups, and vacation rental websites. We provide extensive Internet marketing. We spend a large part of our management fee on marketing, alone, so you will always see us prominently in the market.

Q.) How do you handle damaged or missing items?

A.) First of all, our guest agreement clearly states that the guest must be age 25 or older and they must possess and use a major credit card for the booking.  That agreement also states that we can bill the guest for damages or missing items.  We have a departure checker that secures your home after a guest has left, checking for damages, documenting as needed and reporting anything they feel amiss to our office immediately.  Additionally, when housekeeping is in the home, as they touch nearly every surface while cleaning, they will further note any damage or missing items.  While it is true that a guest can do a “charge back” on their card, we do carefully document damages to a home to help us pinpoint the guest responsible. We are providers of Travel insurance, and every guest must pay for the accidental damage insurance policy. This policy covers us and the guest for up to $3000 in accidental damages. This is rare that these are needed, as most guest undergo a thorough check prior to there arrival.

Q.) Do you take an inventory of everything in my home? How do you know if something is missing from my home?

A.) We carefully document all electronics in the home and generally speaking, any “special” items. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll not want to leave anything in your home that is irreplaceable due to cost or sentimental value.  We can say, however, that in past 4 busy seasons with this company, we not seen blatant theft or damage.  Generally speaking, damage is incidental or accidental and most often reported by the guest.

We assign a team of 2 housekeepers to your home. They are trained to understand every aspect of your home. They will know the proper placement of furniture and recognize your décor’ and such.  Should they see something is missing or damaged, it will be reported to the office.

Q.) Tell me about your housekeeping standards and explain to me how you will ensure my home will be clean?

A.) With the team of 2 housekeepers being assigned to your home, they will come to know your home and its needs very well.  We have very strict 5-Star cleaning standards that our staff and occasional vendor have agreed to adhere to.

Q.) How much will my home rent for?

A.) Once we have the opportunity to tour your home, we will be able to narrow down a specific price that we believe will be most competitive in the rental market.  Also, when we further understand your financial goals for this vacation rental home, we will be able to further guide you towards appropriate rates.  Other rental rate factors include location, views, beach access, amenities and maximum occupancy of your home.

Q.) What is your occupancy rate?

A.) We find that the average home rents about 125 calendar night per year. These kinds of occupancy rates are something to expect once your home is fully exposed in the market and begins to have repeat clients.

Q.) How many homes do you have? Will my home be overlooked? Do you rotate the homes for booking?

A.) All good questions. We currently have a growing portfolio of properties from Canyon Lake to New Braunfels.  We are actively engaged in seeking additional homes to meet the growing guest demand.  Our Reservation Specialists are introduced to each home as they come into our portfolio, giving them opportunity to become fully acquainted with your home.  Each Reservation Specialist is trained to match the guest to a home that is best suited to the guest’s vacation rental needs, thus eliminating the need for rotation and reducing your concern of being overlooked.

Q.)  What if I want to stay or allow friends and family to stay at my home?

A.) We want you to come and stay at your home as often as you like and invite your family and friends whenever you please. We simply ask that you book the home through our Owner’s e-mail or phone access, so we don’t send a paying guest to the home while you’re in residency! Keep in mind that summer season is typically our peak season, and can impact your homes revenue. If you can’t access the Internet prior to arriving at your home, simply pick up the phone and book your home through the owners hotline.

Q.)  What other charges or expenses will I expect? I don’t have to pay for housekeeping, do I? Do I have to pay to have light bulbs changed?

A.) Some common things you’ll anticipate will be your utilities, hot tub fees, if applicable, or general maintenance items. Leaky faucets, slow plumbing, light bulbs in difficult or out of reach areas are just some examples of general maintenance items.  The exciting news is that with our own dedicated maintenance staff, we are able to save you a substantial amount of money with this, as we charge a nominal fee per hour, which is about ½ of what local vendors charge.

AmZ Getaways will always clean the home after guest or owner.  We know you take very good care of your home, but we want you to enjoy your time while you are here and we want to always ensure the home is returned to our strict 5-Star standard prior to the next guest arrival.

Q.)  How long have you been in business?

A.) Amz Getaways, LLC. began as New Braunfels Getaways in 2008, and created AmZ Getaways in 2012, and we currently own 145 Domains pertaining to Real Estate, and Travel. We needed a vacation rental company that would work with us to provide quality vacation homes and experiences for our clients, but not finding one we created our own.  We found there to be a great need for a quality property management company and soon began New Braunfels Getaways. As a side note, many of the first owners we signed in 2008 are still with us!

Q.)  Is it ok for me to take care of my own maintenance?  And, is it ok for my handy man or yardman to take care of my home or yard?

A.)  Yes. You may do your own maintenance or have your own handy man complete the work.  We ask that all work be accomplished when there are no guests at your home, to ensure the guest the quiet enjoyment of the vacation home.  We are pleased to notify you when we see a maintenance or yard care issue that occurs, allowing you the choice to care for it yourself or have an AmZ Getaways maintenance person complete the work.

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